Athlete's profile
Name Ronan
Surname Moalic
Age 39
City La Gorge
Nationality French

"...the Ultra? Above and beyond the challenge, it is a structured project and an extraordinary experience..."

Ronan Moalic, 38, is French, a surgeon and he lives in Sainte-Agnès near Grenoble. His family, his wife and 8-year old child, are his inspiration and support during difficult moments. Ronan has two great interests in life, his work which leaves him little free time and trail running. It is not easy to find compromises between the two activities and support from his family is essential.

He was already an avid ski-mountaineer when he discovered trail running in 2004 while watching a race with a friend and became enthralled with the idea of footraces in the mountains. Just a few months later, in October 2004, he took part in his first ultra race, the Diagonale des Fous (Grand Raid on Reunion island). He had little experience and training, but he felt he could do it. The most important thing, according to Ronan, is to believe in yourself. He says, "Trail running is about the pleasure of running in the mountains. When you are confronted with a slope and you are giving it your all to reach the top, drawing on every last bit of breath, or when you are racing down, hopping from stone to stone, zigzagging between trees, you do not perceive nature like a simple walker, you live it intensely, you become one with the stones and the trees. There is a gut feeling to running up-hill, something animal. The euphoria that allows us to go beyond our limits also teaches us how to manage those limits. Running ultratrail races means learning to overcome fatigue and pain, it means finding unsuspected resources deep inside and rediscovering oneself. It is like an initiation, a communion with nature, but it is also more, it is something very complete due to the long preparation, the many months of training, the slow development of the project and the previous years of racing. Ultratrail racing is not a dream, it is a carefully structured project that provides the chance to live an extraordinary experience."

2012 Festival des Templiers > 111°
2012 The North Face® Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® > 20°
2012 Lavaredo Ultra Trail > 8°
2011 Trail es Aiguilles Rouges > 6°
2011 Trail des Balcons d'Azur > 8°
2010 Trail de Faverges > 6°
2010 Gapencimes 2010 > 8°
2009 Saintélyon 2009 > 17°

The adventure will begin with the Lavaredo Ultratrail in June and continue with the UTMB® in August and then the Trail des Templiers race. The UTMB® is his unfulfilled dream. "A mythical race in an unforgettable setting, a special event in the life of a trailer. It is ultratrail running at its best." Being a member of the Vibram® Trailrunning Team is a completely new experience for Ronan. It is a chance to share his feelings and emotions with the team, but also to receive technical and logistical support during the races. Welcome to the team!

Ronan Moalic